spectacle, mystery

Written, composed and directed by

Marina Rayeva

Music: Violet Voices 

Duration: 45 min.


The spectacle had its premiere on May, 5 in Minsk at Ю-festival.


POLIMORPHOS is a mystery based on Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis". 

This is a story about birth of universe, consciousness and soul. About vision of an overhuman who has crossed all stages of being in anxiety and a man alienated from Cosmos, for whom discovered super-abilities are humongous and frightening. In contrast to cosmic truth there is a man grasped by fear and trying to control all phenomena and subjugate the elements of chaos. Appropriation of divine nature and multiformity makes him an embodiment of horror for the others, who sleep under the veil of ignorance. The god will be killed, but the ignorance turns into knowledge in hands of a man who is awakened now and ready to step on the path of cognition. And it destines him to become a god.