Paper Freak Show is an avalanche of emotions which, with growing size and increasing speed, comes down from the peak of your party and consumes the spectators! Paper Show is the most active and flashed-out part of your event. It’s a riot which can inspire anyone to wreak paper havoc in spaces of any size. The causal momentum of paper mayhem is so contagious that it pulls people in one by one, and like a chain reaction all become active participants of one grandiose performance / flash-mob.

Choose Your Style:

Experimental Theater T(e)=Art offers the following 3 variants of thematic development of the Paper Show:

1. The party explodes with an unexpected visit of the glamourous snow-white carnival of the White Neon Show.
2. The events take a different turn when the relentless acidic aliens from the Toxic Show break into the party.
3. Or would you rather visit a Space Ball and be amidst the silver beau monde of the aristocrat cyborgs of the Argentum Show?

What Comprises the Paper Show from T(e)=Art

The Paper Show from T(e)=Art includes these 8 essential elements:

Paper Show
Freak Show
LED Show
Stilt Walkers
Colossal Canvas
Air Balloons
Giant Orbs
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Additional elements of the Paper show:: 

Cryo (Co2) Cannons
Quadrupedal Stilt-Walkers
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Event types acceptable to the paper show

Ideal event formats for the Paper Show:

Club Parties

(Paper Show acts as the visual show-program with the musical accompaniment from the DJ / the main prominent artist)

Corporate Events

(Paper Show acts as the interactive part of the evening, engaging the audience into active participation)

Graduation Parties

(the vibrant entourage show program will become a memorable apex in lives of new graduates)

Exclusive Weddings

(Paper Show is the original solution for those who wants to make the celebration an eventful, unique, and unforgettable event)

Events and Celebrations for Children

(Paper Show is very flexible in terms of expressive imagery and is specifically adapted to fit a given age group)

Day of the City Celebrations, Town Festivals, and Carnivals

(Paper Show serves as the main phantasmagorical attraction of the program, which fits the opening and the closing ceremonies)

New Year Celebrations

(Paper Show is the most demanded program during the New Year Season)

Several Reasons to Get the Paper Show from the Experimental Freak-Theater T(e)=Art:

1 Only here will you see the most extraordinary, original, and weird imagery created by our best freak-show craftsmen of the uncanny and the strange.

2 Only our professional artists possess the necessary positive emotional charge to convey the sincere happiness and joy from the party.

3 The Paper Show from T(e)=Art is always saturated with the visual show-programs and thus able to satisfy even the most sophisticated of the spectators with Neon Show, Freak Show, and Stilt Walkers.

4 You will not be bored or get tired – we always know how to astonish you, because each time we prepare for you a shocking performance, full of special effects, and which is always an explosive show!

5 Our shows are constantly built upon, expanded, and improved by our best artistic minds.

6 You get unforgettable moments which will remain with you as colorful experiences for the rest of your life.

7 By choosing us – you invest into the Modern Art.